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We take small-business compliance serious. The little guy matters.

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Founded in 2021, we believe in the little guy. From day one, the mission of Refundd has been to democratize access to compliance by providing any company the tools and expertise necessary to minimize the risk and fines they didn't know they could be subject to.


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clients across the country
since 2021

We love our clients and our clients love working with us! We only grow when our clients grow their businesses and stay compliant.

"So easy to use"

The process with Refundd was simple. Once we signed up, their team walked us through each step of the process, making what seemed impossible, simple.

"We didn't know what we were missing!"

Before finding Refundd, we thought we were doing everything right. After one too many fines, we knew we had to change something. As soon as we were set up with Refundd, they helped identify and solve our compliance challenges.

San Jose, CA
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