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Empowering the small-business community with FinTech compliance solutions for all. We believe in giving the power back to the little guy and leveling the playing field. You shouldn't have to wait for enterprise compliance solutions while growing your amazing business.

More than 45,000+ companies trust  Fintech Ultimate

Business compliance solutions for all

Small, but growing? Not a problem! No matter how big your business is today, we are here to support you. Your business is growing, so why shouldn't you have access to the same tools as the large businesses?


Smart compliance
software solutions

Auto-Compliance Checker

Make sure your business stays in compliance at all times, as you grow, without having to figure out what you might be missing.

Custom Dashboard

Manage your business in one central dashboard, customized to your business. Our technology’s reporting helps connect the data you need to run your organization.


We have custom-built, easy-to-use integrations to connect the tools your business needs to seamlessly flow data.


The support team for your compliance needs

Our industry experts ensure you are supported every step of the way. Our 24/7 client support team is ready to help and work alongside with you and your teams, no matter the problem or the time zone.


Our suite of products are built for longevity

No matter how big your business is today, we are here to grow with you. Whether you have 5 employees or 500 employees, our products are built to grow as your teams grow. Our software is built to scale as you do.


The best way to accept payments online has arrived

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We love our clients and our clients love working with us! We only grow when our clients grow their businesses and stay compliant.

"So easy to use"

The process with Refundd was simple. Once we signed up, their team walked us through each step of the process, making what seemed impossible, simple.

"We didn't know what we were missing!"

Before finding Refundd, we thought we were doing everything right. After one too many fines, we knew we had to change something. As soon as we were set up with Refundd, they helped identify and solve our compliance challenges.

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